112 minutes, 35mm, in Korean with English subtitles

Directed by: Min Kyu-Dong

Starring: Ju Ji-Hun, Kim Jae-Wook, Yu Ah-In 


Mon June 22, 1:25pm at the IFC Center
星期一,22/6 (1:25pm)於IFC中心

Sat June 27, 5:40pm at the IFC Center

"Can anyone be unhappy eating cake?" Sun-Woo (Kim Jae-Wook) certainly thought so; he confessed his boy-crush on classmate Jin-Hyuk (Ju Ji-Hun), only to take a gorgeous gateau in the face. Years later, they reunite: pastry-hating playboy Jin-Hyuk is still a brusque homophobia, while Sun-Woo has blossomed into an Alpha Male gay love god. Jin-Hyuk is opening the Antique Bakery and needs a master chef. Sun-Woo, the irresistible siren of Parisian patissier circles, is eager for the challenge, but he warns Jin-Hyuk that his charms are mystical beyond human understanding. "Don't laugh," he deadpans. "I'm a Gay of Demonic Charm." With this fateful partnership formed, ANTIQUE opens its doors in a sugar-coated swirl of flavored fantasy, and your senses will never be the same.
“ 有沒有任何人在吃蛋糕的時候是不快樂的? ”金善宇(金在旭)當然是這麼想的;當他向他愛戀的男孩,同班同學鎮赫(朱智勳)坦白時,只有被一種華麗的奶油水果大蛋糕砸在他臉上的下場。

幾年後,他們團聚:討厭糕點的鎮赫,仍是一個直率的對同性戀者感到厭惡的花花公子 ,而金善宇已轉變成為一位在男性同性戀群中最有魅力的男子。鎮赫開了一間Antique蛋糕店,需要一位總廚師長。金善宇,在巴黎糕點界中,是一位有著不可抗拒誘惑力的男子,渴望接受挑戰,但他警告鎮赫,並告訴他,自己的神秘魅力是非人類所能理解的。

“不要笑, ”他假裝正經的對鎮赫說 。 “我是具有惡魔魅力的同性戀。 ”與此形成被命運安排好的夥伴關係,Antique敞開了它的大門,在塗滿糖衣般色彩絢麗的漩渦與充滿夢幻的風格中,將給你帶來和過去完全不一樣的感覺。

As the little cake shop that could becomes the tastiest talk of the town, its multicolored delights are swept off the shelves in a cloud of pixie dust and the everyday grind gives way to musical daydreams, a heady melange of Baz Luhrmann-by-way-of-Willy Wonka. Days segue into tortured nightmares filled with shadowy demons, however, as Jin-Hyuk flashes back to a dark childhood trauma hidden deep within his subconscious. When a string of local child abductions leads back to Antique, Jin-Hyuk's personal agenda for opening up the cake shop becomes clear. Can the beautiful, beautiful boys of Antique Bakery solve the macabre crimes and stop Sun-Woo from going back to Paris forever? And why is this movie not presented in Smell-O-Vision?

雖然是一間小小的蛋糕店,卻可以成為小鎮裡人人口中談論的美味話題,其彩色的美食席捲了躲在貨架上,雲塵裡的小精靈;一出振奮人心,混合了Baz Luhrmann(導演)與Willy Wonka(小說角色),引出了一幕一幕在日常生活裡所幻想的音樂舞臺劇。


Antique蛋糕店裡,,帥氣,英俊的的男士們,是否可以解決這項可怕的罪行,並阻止金善宇永遠回到巴黎?為什麼這部電影不是在Smell-O-Vision 的情況下呈現出來?(小月亮注:Smell-O-Vision =是一種電影呈現的手法,讓觀眾在觀賞電影的時候,可以親身聞到在電影院裡,隨著電影播放時,所釋放出來的各式各樣的氣味-由Hans Laube於1960年所首創的手法)

A smash hit at the Japanese box office, ANTIQUE, based on Fumi Yoshinaga's manga Antique Bakery is unlike anything you will see this year: a scrumptious blend of humor, romance, and mystery that celebrates taste as a transcendent experience. Hallucinogenic color schemes are the icing on every frame of film, and the tropes of shonen ai ("boys' love") drama are evident in the coy, will-they-or-won't-they interplay between Jin-Hyuk and Sun-Woo - the fact that the cast is comprised of four of Korea’s most popular young male pop icons doesn’t hurt, either. Whereas Director Min's MEMENTO MORI played with thriller conventions to deliver another GLBT-themed romantic drama, here the gay romance is only the sugar glaze on the larger multi-tiered cake, each layer better than the one before. Like the best pastries, ANTIQUE has something for everyone in every bite, and must be eaten whole to be believed; to miss out would be to starve. If at all possible, watch it with cake.
在日本的票房,這部電影是紅極一時的,Antique,以Fumi Yoshinaga的漫畫為基本拍攝提材,而西洋古董洋菓子店這部電影,在今年將給予你和原著完全不一樣的感覺:可口地融合了幽默,浪漫和神秘,作為超越經驗的慶祝口味。

夢幻的配色方案,是這一幀電影裡所構成的錦上添花骨架,其比喻的少年之愛( “男孩的愛” )在戲劇中,是很明顯的讓人害羞,而這樣的感情,將可能會或不可能會 ,在鎮赫和善宇之間相互影響------二者之一的這樣一個景況,將由四位在韓國最受歡迎的年輕男性,所演出的角色,帶出一個沒有傷害性的結局。

鑑於閔導演擅長於驚悚片的Memento mori(小月亮注:Memento mori是一個拉丁短語,意思是“記住你即將死去”.這名詞在藝術創作中經常被提及,雖然彼此使用法有著很大的差異.但都有著同樣的目的,就是要提醒人們自己的死亡率。),這次他卻提供另一個以同志為主題的浪漫愛情片,在這部電影裡,同性戀的愛情像只有在多層次的大蛋糕上,被覆罩了一層糖霜,每一層都比前一層來得甜美。



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